Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura

Serving Authentic Sanuki Udon. Both our Dashi (soup broth) and Udon noodle are directly imported from Kagawa, Japan (Birthplace of Udon). We also serve delicious Japanese Rice dishes, Tempura and Side Dishes such as Gyoza and Karaage (Chicken)



吉隆坡, 马来西亚
Lot 1-21, 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Centre, 1st Floor, No.1 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480, KL


星期一11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期二11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期三11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期四11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期五11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期六11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm
星期日11:00 am ~ 09:30 pm